Sharon & Jerry Miller

We would like to thank you for a remarkably smooth and easy buying experience. We had heard that buying a short-sale home was a nightmare. That was not our experience. You did such a great job for us keeping the seller’s issues their issues and not ours. What is normally considered a stressful transaction, our experience with you protecting our interest was a relatively stress-free transaction. Your work ethic couldn’t be better. Every telephone message we left, every question we had, and every concern we felt, was addressed promptly, correctly, and with substantial back-up. We always felt confident that the purchase would happen and the transaction would be done in a timely manner.

You have a truly warm and caring personality which makes the interactions we had with you not only pleasant but also fun. Thanks again for a great experience.

Domingo “Dom” Clemente

My name is Dom Clemente and my wife and two high school sons have recently uprooted and relocated from the East Coast, Charlotte, North Carolina to the beautiful shores of sunny Southern California’s Dana Point. I want to express how grateful my family and I are for Deborah’s time, diligence, patience, thoughtfulness and dedication in making our cross country transition so smooth. I couldn’t have chosen a more difficult time of the school year and housing season to relocate, but Deborah was persistent in getting us the right place and at the right price. She has been an incredible advocate for us always making sure to communicate any potential leads and going as far as viewing the property and forwarding pictures while still living in Charlotte. We’re so blessed and fortunate to have met her and will use her services on our next move.

I highly recommend her company and now consider her part of our family. It’s difficult to find quality people like her and the level or professionalism is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Thank you again for everything.

Inna & Sergey

We are writing this letter to express our gratitude for all the good we’ve seen from you and thank you for helping us settle in California.

Relocating to a different state is a stressful enough experience in itself, but add to it buying a house during recession, when all you see are short sales and foreclosures, and nobody knows yet how to navigate those waters – and you find yourself looking up a huge mountain, with no idea how to start your climb to the top.

That was the situation for us in 2009, when our family faced the necessity to move from Michigan to California. Quickly realizing that we need a knowledgeable and reliable guide to help us on the journey of finding a new home, we were fortunate to connect with you.

Right from the beginning you set a completely different standard of work, compared to several other agents we’ve worked with. You were extremely helpful and accommodating, always finding the time to show the properties we were interested in, regardless of the day of the week or time of the day. You worked around our schedule, and we appreciated that very much. But finding time was perhaps the smallest thing in your arsenal of the good deeds that impressed us so much. Your knowledge of the area, including the neighborhoods, schools, local businesses, restaurants, best connection routes and everything else had truly helped us to learn more about the community we were about to join. And your ability to find out more information about the we were interested in was amazing. It was very impressive to see you making connections with the other agents and quickly finding the right approach to conversation with avalanches of useful information coming to us as a result. We’ve never dreamed of learning that much about typical floor-plans for the homes in the area, HAO operation and the tax codes until we started working with you.

You’ve helped us submit many offers and counteroffers, chasing that elusive “perfect home”, and staying long hours at the office preparing all of the paperwork.

When we finally found the home that we fell in love with and (luckily!) our offer was accepted, you’ve helped us with all the documents transfer, making copies and running to FedEx to get the closing arranged in time. and that was not an easy task, taking into account that we’ve made the closing on a short sale(!) in less than a month after making the offer!

After we’ve got the keys to our new home, you were the first one to greet us there with a “welcome home!” gift, and that made us feel very comfortable in the new surroundings. And later you were always there to answer our questions about the homes, the appliances, all the home related stuff and the life of California in general.

This experience had truly brought us together and made you more than just a real estate agent for us, but a good friend.

We will be always glad to recommend you to anyone who is looking for an experiences, conscientious, and motivated realtor. Someone who will be diligently working on finding the perfect match for that dream house, the place one would love to call “home”.


Dearest Deborah, it has been 2 weeks since I moved into my new home on Birchwood. Deb, I  love this place, the view is incredible, the neighbors are wonderful and I am so grateful to you! Thanks so much for being the glue that held the process together and for always being there when I needed you!

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